Today I Learned: 43

Today I Learned:  43

Seriously, hang up and drive please.  But if you absolutely have to talk on your phone while you’re driving, please at least keep one hand on the steering wheel….

PS. I got a haircut.


~ by whimsyink on March 17, 2012.

8 Responses to “Today I Learned: 43”

  1. That’s kind of like around here, except replace the young girl with an old man, the convertible with a pickup, and the phone with the impatience of someone that’s driven the same road for more than half a century.

    ps your haircut is cute.

  2. I saw this in LA on the 15 and the woman was also talking to a woman in the passenger seat gesticulating wildly. Normally, I slow down on tailgaters, but I was worried she wouldn’t see and I’d get killed as her Mercedes tore my twenty year old Nissan apart. (BTW, I love your haircut.)

  3. cool haircut even in cartoon form haha 🙂 ugh people on phones while driving tsk tsk. don’t they know how to turn on the speakerphone function? It’s illegal here in NZ but there’s still a lot of people on their phones while driving.

  4. […] More adventures in driving. […]

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