Denver Comic Con: Day One

Denver Comic Con: Day One

Here is a brief synopsis of what happened at DCC Day One.  Also, I’m going to try and update tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to make up for the couple of updates I missed.  So check back for frequent updates over the next few days!

I saw all those costumes in the first panel, and about a million more.  There were some incredible costumes!  Also, in the last panel, from left to right, top to bottom are my friends Brooke, me, John, and Arianna!

Thanks for reading 😀


~ by whimsyink on June 19, 2012.

7 Responses to “Denver Comic Con: Day One”

  1. Oh man, I wanna go to a convention! 😦 Red Dwarf and Doctor Who??? I’M THERE!!!!!

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