Today I Learned: 118

Today I Learned: 118

Brought to you in beautiful 2 Dimensions.

I’ve wanted to do an animated one for a long time.


~ by whimsyink on March 23, 2013.

11 Responses to “Today I Learned: 118”

  1. Love the animation

  2. Love it! Almost tempts me to try animating my own stick drawings.

  3. […] Yeeesssssss. […]

  4. I am curious- How do you make animations and then post them? I have been looking for ways to do the same thing… Let me know! Thanks!

    • I animated it in Photoshop, which isn’t a great program for animation, I probably should have used Flash, haha. Then I exported it as a .gif. I just played with the settings til it seemed right. Depending on the program, the export settings will probably be different, too. I hope that helps! Anyway, let me know if you do post an animation, I’d love to see it! 😀

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